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Preparation for PSLI Surabaya 2014

The Surabaya PSLI (Pasar Seni Lukis Indonesia) 2014 will be held on October 3rd to 12th 2014 at JX International, Surabaya, East Jawa.

Darmalungit prepared 4 of hist best paintings for this national event. Two of them are his new style paintings, thick oil painted flowery forest floor. Little bit differ from his earlier paintings, the wild flower field now filled with trees stand, but still keep his character of wide and long dimension wilderness.

Dar's two new look paintings

Dar’s two new look paintings

“Wanna make something new, rather different from my paintings before” he said. When I asked him how many such paintings he created, he answered, “This is my third, after couples of failured. And after this, I’ll try to make the bigger ones. At least on 2X3 metres linen canvas”.

“I spent 2-3 days to create this 100X120cm painting” he explained. Ya, I’ve watched Darma’s painting techniques and I love the way he expressed his spontaneus, freedom, and sense of composition. Not all became perfect at once, but I saw his painterliness mastery is getting sharper.

Darma's studio

Darma’s studio

Here’s Dar’s new paintings fot the PSLI Surabaya 2014.

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